BOT501 – Cardiscan, Hepatoscan

BOT501 is a PDGF-ß-receptor targeted PET radionuclide-bicyclic peptide conjugate.





In BOT501, a PET radionuclide is incorporated into the PDGF-ß-receptor binding bicyclic peptide. Conjugation procedures differ, appropriate for its specific application in a fibrotic organ. Further, dependent on the accumulation rate of the PET radionuclide-peptide complex and the background clearance rate in a fibrotic organ, the selected PET radionuclide can be 68Ga, 18F or 111In, among a few others.


Specific accumulation of BOT501 with functional signal/background ratios has been demonstrated so far for fibrosis in animal models in heart, liver, lungs and kidneys.


Clinical imaging diagnostic studies with BOT501 in patients with cardiac fibrosis and hepatic fibrosis are scheduled.